September 2009


Djibouti: Former foreign minister (1978-93) Moumin Bahdon Farah dies.
Falkland Islands: Nigel Haywood is appointed as governor, to take office in September 2010.
Vanuatu: In the first round of the presidential election, the parliament (plus the six heads of provincial governments) fail to elect a new president (39 votes were required to be elected). Vincent Boulekone receives 16 votes, Kalkot Mataskelekele 14, Iolu Abil 11, Kalo Nial 7, and Yvette Sam 7. On September 2, a second round is held, Abil receiving 26 votes, Mataskelekele 16, and Boulekone 16. The third round of voting on the same date results in Abil being elected with 41 votes, Mataskelekele receiving the remaining 16 votes; Abil is then sworn in.


India: The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, dies in a helicopter crash. Konijeti Rosaiah is sworn in as (caretaker) chief minister on September 3.




Moldova: President Vladimir Voronin announces his resignation, effective at a later date in September. On September 10 Voronin appoints Vitalie Pîrlog as acting prime minister effective from September 14. Voronin's resignation becomes effective on September 11, on which date the parliament elects its chairman, Mihai Ghimpu, as acting president. On September 17 Ghimpu appoints Vlad Filat as candidate for the post of prime minister. On September 25 the parliament gives a vote of confidence (53 votes in favour) to Filat's new cabinet, which is sworn in on the same date with Iurie Leanca as foreign minister, Vitalie Marinuta as defense minister, Victor Catan as interior minister, and Veaceslav Negruta as finance minister.
Seychelles: The retirement of Foreign Minister Patrick Pillay is announced, effective September 15 when President James Michel takes over the portfolio.


Albania: The Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration agree to form a coalition, with Sali Berisha continuing as prime minister while Ilir Meta is to become foreign minister. The new cabinet, also including Arben Imami as defense minister, Lulzim Basha as interior minister, and Ridvan Bode continuing as finance minister, is ratified by the parliament on September 16 (74-1, most of the opposition boycotting the vote) and sworn in on September 17.
Germany: Dieter Althaus announces his resignation as minister-president of Thüringen.
Iran: The parliament endorses the composition of the new cabinet.

South Korea: In a cabinet reshuffle, Chung Un Chan is designated prime minister and Gen. Kim Tae Young defense minister. The latter is sworn in on September 23. Chung is endorsed by parliament (164-9, most of the opposition boycotting the vote) on September 28 and takes office September 29.


Kazakhstan: Kanat Saudabayev is appointed foreign minister.
Switzerland: Former Schultheiss of Luzern (1984) Hans-Ernst Balsiger is killed in a traffic accident.


India: Former governor of Orissa (1977) and Haryana (1977-79) and chief minister of Punjab (1995-96) Harcharan Singh Brar dies.


Taiwan: Premier Liu Chao-shiuan announces his resignation, which is submitted on September 10, when he is replaced by Wu Den-yih. The cabinet presented by Wu on September 9 and sworn in with him on September 10 includes Timothy Yang as foreign minister, Kao Hua-chu as defense minister, and Jiang Yi-huah as interior minister.


Belarus: Former chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Belorussian S.S.R. (1978-83) Aleksandr Aksyonov dies.
Guinea-Bissau: Malam Bacai Sanhá is sworn in as president.
Madagascar: In a cabinet reshuffle, Hery Rajaonarimampianina is appointed as finance minister and Cécile Manorohanta as interior minister.
Malaysia: Former chief minister of Kelantan (1978-90) Tan Sri Mohamed Yaacob dies.
Montserrat: In parliamentary elections, the Movement for Change and Prosperity wins 6 of 9 seats and independents 3. Reuben Meade is sworn in as chief minister on September 10; he also becomes finance minister.


Brazil: Carlos Henrique Gaguim takes office as governor of Tocantins following the removal of Marcelo de Carvalho Miranda by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.


Canada: Graydon Nicholas is appointed as the next lieutenant governor of New Brunswick. He is sworn in on September 30.
Lebanon: Saad Hariri steps down as prime minister-designate. Upon request of the parliament (73 members asking for it and 55 members abstaining), he is again asked to form a cabinet on September 16.
Pitcairn Island: Victoria Treadell is appointed governor, to take office in May 2010.


Brazil: Former governor of Acre (1975-79) Geraldo Gurgel de Mesquita dies.

The Gambia: Ousman Jammeh becomes foreign minister, replacing Omar Touray.
Greece: Former foreign minister (1989, 1990) Georgios Papoulias commits suicide.
Greece: Spyros Flogaitis is sworn in as caretaker interior minister ahead of the October 4 parliamentary elections.


Argentina: In gubernatorial elections in Corrientes, former governor Ricardo Colombi (Radical Civic Union, within Encuentro por Corrientes) wins 36.2% of the vote, incumbent Arturo Colombi (Frente de Todos) 31.6%, and Fabián Ríos (Justicialist Party) 30.8%.
Mexico: Guillermo Padrés Elías takes office as governor of Sonora.


France: André Reichardt is elected president of the Regional Council of Alsace, winning 26 of 47 votes.
Norway: In parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 35.4% of the vote (64 of 169 seats), the Progress Party 22.9% (41), the Conservative Party 17.2% (30), the Socialist Left Party 6.2% (11), the Centre Party 6.2% (11), the Christian Democratic Party 5.5% (10), and the Liberal Party 3.9% (2). Turnout is 75.7%.


Congo (Brazzaville): In a cabinet reshuffle, Gilbert Ondongo is appointed as finance minister and Charles Zacharie Bowao as defense minister. The office of prime minister is abolished.
Pakistan: Qamar Zaman Kaira is sworn in as acting governor of Gilgit-Baltistan (formerly Northern Areas).


European Union: The European Parliament reelects José Manuel Durão Barroso as president of the Commission (382-219 with 117 abstentions).


Japan: The Diet elects Yukio Hatoyama as prime minister (327 of 480 votes). He forms a cabinet including Katsuya Okada as foreign minister, Toshimi Kitazawa as defense minister, Hirohisa Fujii as finance minister, and Kazuhiro Haraguchi as internal affairs minister.
Mexico: Fernando Ortega Bernés takes office as governor of Campeche.
Switzerland: The parliament elects Didier Burkhalter as interior minister. He is to take office November 1.


Christmas Island/Cocos Islands: Brian James Lacy is appointed administrator of both territories, to take office October 5.
Switzerland: Former Schultheiss of Luzern (1960, 1967) Josef Isenschmid dies.


Austria: In state elections in Vorarlberg, the Austrian People's Party wins 50.8% of the vote (20 of 36 seats), the Freedom Party of Austria 25.1% (9), the Greens 10.6% (4), and the Social Democratic Party of Austria 10% (3). Turnout is 67.4%.


Spain: Former president of the Regional Junta of Extremadura (1980-82) Manuel Bermejo Hernández dies.


Niger: Prime Minister Seyni Oumarou resigns. Interior Minister Albadé Abouba becomes acting prime minister.


Malaysia: Former chief minister of Pahang (1978-81) Datuk Abdul Rahim bin Abu Bakar dies.


Aruba: In parliamentary elections, the Aruban People's Party wins 48% of the vote (12 of 21 seats), the People's Electoral Movement 35.9% (8), and Real Democracy 5.7% (1). Turnout is about 85%.
Somalia: The upper house of the parliament of the secessionist Republic of Somaliland endorses a new extension of President Dahir Riyale Kahin's term.


Indonesia: Former governor of Jakarta (1982-87) R. Soeprapto dies.
Mexico: Fernando Toranzo Fernández takes office as governor of San Luis Potosí.


Austria: In state elections in Oberösterreich, the Austrian People's Party wins 46.8% of the vote (28 of 56 seats), the Social Democratic Party of Austria 24.9% (14), the Freedom Party of Austria 15.3% (9), and the Greens 9.2% (5). Turnout is 80.3%.
Germany: In parliamentary elections, the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) wins 33.8% of the vote (239 of 622 seats), the Social Democratic Party (SPD) 23% (146), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) 14.6% (93), the Left 11.9% (76), and the Greens 10.7% (68). Turnout is 70.8%. In state elections in Brandenburg, the SPD wins 33% of the vote (31 of 88 seats), the Left 27.2% (26), the CDU 19.8% (19), the FDP 7.2% (7), and the Greens 5.6% (5). Turnout is 67.5%. In Schleswig-Holstein, the CDU wins 31.5% of the vote (34 of 95 seats), the SPD 25.4% (25), the FDP 14.9% (15), the Greens 12.4% (12), the Left 6% (5), and the South Schleswig Voters Association 4.3% (4). Turnout is 73.5%.
Portugal: In parliamentary elections, the Socialist Party wins 37.7% of the vote (96 of 230 seats), the Social Democratic Party 30% (78), the People's Party 10.8% (21), the Left Bloc 10.2% (16), and the United Democratic Coalition 8.1% (15). Turnout is 60.5%.


Brazil: Former governor of Piauí (1971-75, 1987-91) Alberto Tavares e Silva dies.
Panama: Former president (1989-94) Guillermo Endara dies.
Romania: Prime Minister Emil Boc announces his intent to dismiss Interior Minister Dan Nica. On September 29 Boc submits the request to President Traian Basescu, asking for Vasile Blaga to be named interim interior minister, but the president instead proposes to appoint an opposition member or neutral person to the office.


United States: Former governor of Oklahoma (1963-67, 1987-91) Henry Bellmon dies.


India: Former chief minister of Haryana (1967) Rao Birendra Singh dies.