June 2017


Austria: Former foreign minister (1987-95) Alois Mock dies.
Colombia: Guillermo Rivera Flórez takes office as interior minister.
Macedonia: The new government is sworn in (see May 17).
Sierra Leone: Former foreign minister (2010-12) Joseph B. Dauda dies.
Switzerland: Paul Signer becomes Landammann of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Fredy Fässler president of the government of Sankt Gallen, and Carmen Haag president of the government of Thurgau.


France: Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian resigns as president of the Regional Council of Bretagne. Loïg Chesnais-Girard becomes acting president and on June 22 is elected as new president (53-0).
Pakistan: Former foreign minister (1966-68) Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada dies.


Argentina: Former governor of Mendoza (1973) Ramón Genaro Díaz Bessone dies.
Denmark: Former foreign minister (1993-2000) Niels Helveg Petersen dies (night of June 2/3).

Lesotho: In parliamentary elections, the All Basotho Convention wins 48 of 120 seats, the Democratic Congress 30, the Lesotho Congress for Democracy 11, the Alliance of Democrats 9, the Movement for Economic Change 6, and the Basotho National Party 5. On June 8 the king accepts the resignation of Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili. On June 14 Tom Thabane is appointed prime minister (sworn in June 16). On June 23 the cabinet is sworn in with Lesego Makgothi as foreign minister, Sentje Lebona as defense minister, and Moeketsi Majoro as finance minister.

Malta: In parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 55% of the vote (37 of 67 seats) and the Nationalist Party 43.7% (30). Turnout is 92.1%. The new cabinet is announced on June 8 (sworn in June 9), with Carmelo Abela as foreign minister and Michael Farrugia as home affairs minister; Edward Scicluna remains finance minister.


Mexico: In gubernatorial elections in Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) wins about 38% of the vote, Guillermo Anaya Llamas of the National Action Party (PAN) about 36%, and Armando Guadiana Tijerina of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) about 12%. In México, Alfredo del Mazo Maza (PRI) wins about 34% and Delfina Gómez (MORENA) about 31%. In Nayarit, Antonio Echevarría García (PAN) wins about 39%, Manuel Cota Jiménez (PRI) about 27%, and Hilario Ramírez Villanueva (independent) about 12%.


Paraguay: Finance Minister Santiago Peña resigns. Lea Giménez is sworn in as finance minister on June 6.


Bangladesh: Former chief adviser (2001) Latifur Rahman dies.
Cayman Islands: The allocation of cabinet portfolios is announced with Roy McTaggart as finance minister and Tara Rivers as home affairs minister.

Nepal: Sher Bahadur Deuba is elected prime minister (388-170). He is sworn in on June 7 with a cabinet including Krishna Bahadur Mahara as foreign minister, Janardan Sharma as home minister, and Gyanendra Bahadur Karki as finance minister.
Switzerland: Bernhard Pulver is elected president of the government of Bern.
Venezuela: Argenis Chávez is sworn in as acting governor of Barinas, following the resignation of Zenaida Gallardo.


Georgia: Igor Naniyev is appointed interior minister of South Ossetia.


Croatia: In a cabinet reshuffle, Davor Bozinovic is appointed as interior minister. Parliament confirms the new ministers on June 9 (78 of 151 members voting in favour).
Nicaragua: Former foreign minister (1979-90) Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann dies.
United Kingdom: In parliamentary elections, the Conservative Party wins 42.4% of the vote (318 of 650 seats), the Labour Party 40% (262), the Liberal Democrats 7.4% (12), the Scottish National Party 3% (35), the United Kingdom Independence Party 1.8% (0), the Green Party 1.6% (1), the Democratic Unionist Party 0.9% (10), Sinn Féin 0.7% (7), Plaid Cymru 0.5% (4), the Social Democratic and Labour Party 0.3% (0), and the Ulster Unionist Party 0.3% (0). Turnout is 68.7%. On June 9 Prime Minister Theresa May confirms the key ministers in their posts. On June 29 a vote on the queen's speech is passed 323-309.


South Korea: Kim Dong Yeon is confirmed by a parliamentary committee and officially appointed as finance minister. On June 11 President Moon Jae In nominates Song Young Moo as defense minister. On June 18 Kang Kyung Wha is formally appointed foreign minister, without the usual (but not legally required) parliamentary approval.


United States: In the mayoral runoff in El Paso, Dee Margo wins 57% of the vote and David Saucedo 43%. In the runoff in San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg wins 54.6% of the vote and incumbent Ivy Taylor 45.4%. Nirenberg takes office June 21 and Margo June 27.


France: In the first round of parliamentary elections, La République en marche wins 28.2% of the vote, the Republicans 15.8%, the National Front 13.2%, La France insoumise 11%, and the Socialist Party 7.4%; turnout is 48.7%. In the second round on June 18, La République en marche wins 43.1% of the vote and a total of 308 out of 577 seats, the Republicans 22.2% (113), the National Front 8.8% (8), the Democrat Movement 6.1% (42), the Socialist Party 5.7% (29), and La France insoumise 4.9% (17); turnout is 42.6%. On June 19, President Emmanuel Macron reappoints Édouard Philippe as prime minister. On June 20 Armies Minister Sylvie Goulard asks not to be considered for the new government. On June 21 the new government is named, with Florence Parly as armies minister and no change in the foreign, interior, and finance posts.
Kosovo: In parliamentary elections, a coalition headed by the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, and the Initiative for Kosovo wins 33.7% of the vote (39 of 120 seats), Vetëvendosje (Self-Determination) 27.5% (32), a coalition headed by the Democratic League of Kosovo 25.5% (29), and the Serb List 6.1% (9). Turnout is 41.3%.


Argentina: Jorge Faurie takes office as foreign minister.

Croatia: Foreign Minister Davor Ivo Stier resigns. Marija Pejcinovic Buric is nominated to succeed him; parliament confirms her (78-35) on June 19.
Estonia: In a cabinet reshuffle, Jüri Luik becomes defense minister and Toomas Tõniste finance minister.
Japan: Former governor of Okinawa (1990-98) Masahide Ota dies.
Switzerland: Former Landammann of Aargau (2004-05, 2009-10, 2014) Roland Brogli dies.


Brazil: Former acting governor of Piauí (1966) José Odon Maia Alencar dies.


Ireland: Prime Minister Enda Kenny resigns. On June 14 Leo Varadkar is elected prime minister (57-50 with 45 abstentions) and names his cabinet including himself as defence minister (Paul Kehoe remaining minister of state for defence), Simon Coveney as foreign minister, and Paschal Donohoe as finance minister.


Palau: Faustina K. Rehuher-Marugg is sworn in as minister of state.


Canada: Arthur Joseph LeBlanc is appointed as the next lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia and Margaret M. Thom as next commissioner of the Northwest Territories. LeBlanc is installed on June 28.
Spain: Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy survives a parliamentary no-confidence vote that is rejected 170-82, with 97 abstentions.
Switzerland: Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter announces his resignation, effective October 31.
Venezuela: Francisco Ameliach resigns as governor of Carabobo. Gustavo Pulido becomes acting governor.


Brazil: Former governor of Rio Grande do Norte (2003-10) Wilma Maria de Faria dies.
India: Former acting governor of Gujarat (1967, 1973) P.N. Bhagwati dies.
Indonesia: Djarot Saiful Hidayat is sworn in as governor of Jakarta, to finish Basuki Tjahaja Purnama's term ending in October.

Romania: The ministers of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu's government resign, but not Grindeanu himself. On June 21 parliament removes Grindeanu in a no-confidence vote (241-7). On June 26 the president designates Mihai Tudose as prime minister. On June 28 the new government is named with Adrian Tutuianu as defense minister and Ionut Misa as finance minister, other key posts being unchanged. On June 29 parliament approves the government (275-102) and it is sworn in.

Serbia: President Aleksandar Vucic nominates Ana Brnabic as prime minister. On June 27 her proposed government is announced, with Aleksandar Vulin as defense minister and no change in the other key posts. On June 29 parliament approves the government (157-55) and it is sworn in.


China: Former chairman of the government of Xizang (1970-79) Ren Rong dies.
Germany: Former minister-president of Rheinland-Pfalz (1969-76) and chancellor (1982-98) Helmut Kohl dies.


Argentina: Former acting cabinet chief (2001) Luis Lusquiños dies.
Niue: Former resident commissioner (1968-73) Selwyn Digby Wilson dies.
Poland: Former foreign minister (1976-80) Emil Wojtaszek dies.
Vanuatu: President Baldwin Lonsdale dies. The speaker of parliament, Esmon Saimon, becomes acting president.


Russia: Former head of the administration of Ivanovo oblast (1996-2000) Vladislav Tikhomirov dies.


Finland: Prime Minister Juha Sipilä's government wins a confidence vote in parliament (104-85).
India: Ram Nath Kovind resigns as governor of Bihar. The governor of West Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi, is given additional charge of Bihar (sworn in June 22).


Peru: Finance Minister Alfredo Thorne resigns after losing a confidence vote in Congress (88-11). On June 23 Prime Minister Fernando Zavala is sworn in as finance minister.
Saudi Arabia: Abdul Aziz ibn Saud is named interior minister.

Venezuela: Samuel Moncada is named foreign minister in a cabinet reshuffle.


Botswana: Former president (1980-98) Sir Ketumile Masire dies.


Albania: In parliamentary elections, the Socialist Party wins 48.3% of the vote (74 of 140 seats), the Democratic Party 28.9% (43), and the Socialist Movement for Integration 14.3% (19). Turnout is 46.8%.


Bolivia: Mario Alberto Guillén Suárez is appointed finance minister.
Cayman Islands: Anwar Choudhury is appointed governor of the Cayman Islands, to take office in March 2018.
Mongolia: In the first round of presidential elections, Khaltmaa Battulga (Democratic Party) wins 38.1% of the vote, Miyeegombo Enkhbold (Mongolian People's Party) 30.3%, and Sainkhuu Ganbaatar (Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party) 30.2%. Turnout is 68.3%. A runoff is to be held on July 7.
Senegal: Former prime minister (1981-83, 1991-98) Habib Thiam dies.


Germany: The Landtag of Nordrhein-Westfalen elects Armin Laschet as minister-president (100-78).


Germany: The Landtag of Schleswig-Holstein elects Daniel Günther as minister-president (42-31).
Martinique: Franck Robine is appointed prefect.
Nigeria: Former governor of Taraba (2007-15) Danbaba Suntai dies.
Réunion: Amaury de Saint-Quentin is appointed prefect.


Canada: In British Columbia, the Liberal government of Premier Christy Clark is defeated in a no-confidence vote in the Legislative Assembly (44-42). Clark resigns and the lieutenant governor asks New Democratic Party leader John Horgan to form a government.
Saint-Martin: Former president of the Territorial Council (2013-17) Aline Hanson dies.