January 2018


Switzerland: Alain Berset takes office as president. Alex Hürzeler becomes Landammann of Aargau, Georges Godel president of the Council of State of Fribourg, Mario Cavigelli president of the government of Graubünden, David Eray president of the government of Jura, Christian Amsler president of the government of Schaffhausen, and Roland Heim Landammann of Solothurn.
Syria: In a cabinet reshuffle, Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayyoub is appointed defense minister.
United States: Ben Walsh takes office as mayor of Syracuse.
Yemen: In a cabinet reshuffle, Abdullah Ali Kabbouli is appointed finance minister.


China: Tang Dengjie is appointed acting governor of Fujian, Jing Junhai acting governor of Jilin, Tang Liangzhi acting mayor of Chongqing, and Zhang Guoqing acting mayor of Tianjin.
Ecuador: Vice President Jorge Glas, who has been in detention for three months, is removed from office. On January 6 the National Assembly designates María Alejandra Vicuña as vice president (70-17).
Montserrat: Governor Elizabeth Carriere departs. Lyndell Simpson becomes acting governor.
Nigeria: Former governor of Kaduna (1983) Lawal Kaita dies.
United States: Keisha Lance Bottoms is sworn in as mayor of Atlanta, Jacob Frey as mayor of Minneapolis, Melvin Carter as mayor of St. Paul, and Wade Kapszukiewicz as mayor of Toledo.


Congo (Kinshasa): An instruction of President Joseph Kabila nullifies the December 30 no-confidence motion against the governor of Lomami, Patrice Kamanda.
Peru: Defense Minister Jorge Nieto resigns. On January 9 Cayetana Aljovín is sworn in as foreign minister and Jorge Kisic as defense minister.


Saint Lucia: Neville Cenac is appointed governor-general (sworn in January 12).
Somalia: In a cabinet reshuffle, Ahmed Isse Awad is named as foreign minister and Abdi Mohamed Sabriye as interior minister.
United States: Former governor of New Jersey (1974-82) Brendan T. Byrne dies.


Association of Southeast Asian Nations: Dato Paduka Lim Jock Hoi of Brunei takes office as secretary-general.


Cyprus: In parliamentary elections in North Cyprus, the National Unity Party wins 35.6% of the vote (21 of 50 seats), the Republican Turkish Party 20.9% (12), the People's Party 17.1% (9), the Communal Democracy Party 8.6% (3), the Democratic Party 7.8% (3), and the Rebirth Party 7% (2). Turnout is 66.2%.
World Trade Organization: Former director-general (1993-95) Peter Sutherland dies.


Barbados: Dame Sandra Mason takes office as governor-general.
The Gambia: Ebrima Mballow is appointed interior minister.
Trinidad and Tobago: Former president (2003-13) George Maxwell Richards dies.
Zambia: Joe Malanji is appointed and sworn in as foreign minister.


Norway: Former prime minister (1976-81) and governor of Hedmark (1981-93) Odvar Nordli dies.
Pakistan: The chief minister of Balochistan, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri, resigns. On January 13 the provincial assembly elects Abdul Quddus Bizenjo as chief minister. He receives 41 votes, against 13 for Agha Syed Liaqat Ali. Bizenjo is sworn in the same day.
Poland: In a cabinet reshuffle, Jacek Czaputowicz is appointed foreign minister, Mariusz Blaszczak defense minister, Joachim Brudzinski interior minister, and Teresa Czerwinska finance minister.
South Africa: Former premier of Western Cape (1998-2001) Gerald Morkel dies.


Mexico: Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong resigns. Alfonso Navarrete is named to succeed him.
Moldova: The ministers nominated on December 19, including Tudor Ulianovschi as foreign minister, are sworn in by parliament chairman Andrian Candu, exercising the functions of the president, Igor Dodon, who has been temporarily suspended for twice rejecting the appointments.


Sint Maarten: The formateur of the interim government announces its composition with Leona Marlin-Romeo as prime minister and Michael Ferrier as finance minister. It is appointed and sworn in on January 15.


Czech Republic: In the first round of presidential elections, held January 12-13, incumbent Milos Zeman (Party of Civic Rights) wins 38.6% of the vote, Jirí Drahos (independent) 26.6%, Pavel Fischer (independent) 10.2%, Michal Horácek (independent) 9.2%, Marek Hilser (independent) 8.8%, and Mirek Topolánek (independent) 4.3%. Turnout is 61.9%. The runoff will be held January 26-27.
Guinea-Bissau: It is announced that Prime Minister Umaro Sissoco Embaló has submitted his resignation to President José Mário Vaz.
United States: Ralph Northam is sworn in as governor of Virginia.


Romania: Prime Minister Mihai Tudose resigns. Paul Stanescu is proposed as interim prime minister but on January 16 President Klaus Johannis rejects him and names Mihai Fifor to the position.