October 2021



Australia: The premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, announces her resignation. On October 5 Dominic Perrottet is sworn in as premier.


Guinea: Mamadi Doumbouya is sworn in as transitional president. On October 6 Mohamed Béavogui is appointed prime minister. On October 21 Aboubacar Sidiki Camara is appointed as defense minister and Bachir Diallo as security minister, on October 25 Morissanda Kouyaté as foreign minister, on October 27 Mory Condé as minister of territorial administration, and on October 29 Lanciné Condé as economy and finance minister.
Mexico: Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla takes office as governor of Michoacán and Mauricio Kuri González as governor of Querétaro.
Nigeria: Former administrator of Cross River (1993-94) and Delta (1994-96) Ibrahim Kefas dies.

San Marino: Francesco Mussoni (Christian Democrat) and Giacomo Simoncini (We for the Republic) take office as captains-regent.


Congo (Kinshasa): Parliament approves a ninth 15-days extension of the state of siege in the provinces of Ituri and Nord-Kivu, followed by a tenth on October 15.
El Salvador: Former foreign minister (1967-68) Alfredo Martínez Moreno dies.
Qatar: In parliamentary elections (turnout 63.5%), 30 nonpartisan members are elected; the remaining 15 will be appointed by the emir.

Vila Nova
São Tomé and Príncipe: Carlos Vila Nova takes office as president.


Moldova: In the second round of parliamentary elections in Gagauzia (turnout 37%), independents win 14 seats (for a total of 25 of the 35 seats) and the Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists 3 (for a total of 9).


Canada: Former premier of Nova Scotia (1990-91) Roger Stuart Bacon dies.
Ethiopia: Parliament reelects Abiy Ahmed as prime minister. On October 6 he nominates Abraham Belay as defense minister, while Demeke Mekonnen is to remain foreign minister and Ahmed Shide finance minister. The cabinet is approved by parliament the same day.

Italy: In presidential elections in Calabria held October 3-4, Roberto Occhiuto (centre-right) wins 54.5% of the vote, Amalia Cecilia Bruni (centre-left) 27.7%, and Luigi de Magistris (left) 16.2%. Turnout is 44.4%. Occhiuto takes office October 29.
Japan: Fumio Kishida is elected prime minister, winning 311 votes in the lower house to 124 for Yukio Edano. The new cabinet is announced with Shunichi Suzuki as finance minister and Yasushi Kaneko as internal affairs minister; Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi retain their posts.
Mexico: Samuel García Sepúlveda takes office as governor of Nuevo León.
Russia: Aleksey Russkikh is sworn in as governor of Ulyanovsk oblast.


Russia: The governors of Tambov oblast, Aleksandr Nikitin, and Vladimir oblast, Vladimir Sipyagin, resign. President Vladimir Putin appoints Maksim Yegorov as acting governor of Tambov and Aleksandr Avdeyev as acting governor of Vladimir.


The Netherlands: Wouter Koolmees is named to join Johan Remkes as informateur.
Romania: Prime Minister Florin Cîtu's government is defeated in a no-confidence vote which is supported by 281 members of parliament (234 needed). On October 11 President Klaus Johannis asks Dacian Ciolos to form a government. On October 17 a cabinet is nominated including Dan Barna as foreign minister, Nicu Falcoi as defense minister, Alin Stoica as interior minister, and Dragos Pîslaru as finance minister. However, on October 20 Ciolos fails to win a vote of confidence (88 votes in favour, 234 needed). On October 21 Johannis nominates Nicolae Ciuca as prime minister. On October 30 a cabinet is nominated including Catalin Predoiu as defense minister, with Bogdan Aurescu to remain foreign minister, Lucian Bode interior minister, and Dan Vîlceanu finance minister.

Russia: Vladimir Sidorov is appointed prime minister of Mordovia.
United States: In mayoral elections in Juneau, imcumbent Beth Weldon wins 91.7% of the vote; 8.3% are write-in votes.


Peru: Prime Minister Guido Bellido resigns. Mirtha Vásquez is sworn in as prime minister and her cabinet is announced including Luis Barranzuela as interior minister, other key ministers remaining in place.



Australia: Frances Adamson is sworn in as governor of South Australia.
French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Former administrator-superior (1987-90) Claude Corbier dies.
Georgia: Fatima Tibilova is appointed acting finance minister of South Ossetia.
Morocco: The government of Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch is appointed with Nadia Fettah Alaoui as finance minister; Nasser Bourita remains foreign minister and Abdelouafi Laftit interior minister. On October 13 the government wins a vote of confidence in parliament (213-64).


China: Yan Jinhai is appointed acting chairman of the government of Xizang.
Nepal: The cabinet is completed, with Minendra Rijal becoming defense minister.

Russia: Boris Dzhanayev is approved by the local parliament as prime minister of North Ossetia-Alania.


Austria: Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announces his resignation. He is to be replaced by Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg. On October 11 Michael Linhart is named as new foreign minister and he and Schallenberg are sworn in.
Czech Republic: In parliamentary elections held October 8-9, SPOLU (coalition of Civic Democratic Party, Christian and Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People's Party, and Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09) wins 27.8% of the vote (71 of 200 seats), Action of Dissatisfied Citizens 2011 27.1% (72), Pirates and Mayors (coalition of Mayors and Independents and Pirate Party) 15.6% (37), and Freedom and Direct Democracy 9.6% (20). Turnout is 65.4%.
Iran: Former acting foreign minister (1979) and president (1980-81) Abolhassan Bani-Sadr dies.
Pakistan: Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan, former prime minister (1985-90, 2001-06) and president (1991-96) of Azad Kashmir, dies.


Iraq: In parliamentary elections, the Sadrist Movement wins 73 of 329 seats, independents 40, the Taqadum (Progress) Alliance 37, the State of Law Coalition 33, the Kurdistan Democratic Party 31, the Kurdistan Coalition (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) 17, and the Fatah Alliance 17. Turnout is about 44%.
Jordan: All ministers resign in preparation for a cabinet reshuffle. The key portfolios are not affected in the changes made on October 11.



Brazil: Former governor of Rio Grande do Norte (1979-83) Lavoisier Maia Sobrinho dies.
Estonia: Alar Karis is sworn in as president.
Sri Lanka: Jeevan Thiagarajah is sworn in as governor of Northern province.

Tunisia: Najla Bouden Romdhane is sworn in as prime minister with a cabinet including Imed Memmich as defense minister, Taoufik Charfeddine as interior minister, and Sihem Boughdiri as finance minister; Othman Jerandi remains foreign minister.


British Indian Ocean Territory: Sir Thomas Harris, former commissioner (1991-94), dies.


Isle of Man: Parliament elects Alfred Cannan as chief minister. He receives 14 votes, defeating Alex Allinson (8 votes).
Kyrgyzstan: Akylbek Japarov is appointed acting chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers. He is also nominated for the substantive post, with a cabinet including Almaz Baketayev as finance minister, while the foreign, defense, and interior ministers retain their posts. On October 13 the government is approved by parliament, appointed, and sworn in.



Norway: Prime Minister Erna Solberg submits her resignation and King Harald V asks Jonas Gahr Støre to form a government. This takes office on October 14, with Anniken Huitfeldt as foreign minister, Odd Roger Enoksen as defense minister, and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum as finance minister.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin appoints Anatoly Seryshev as his plenipotentiary in Sibirsky federal district and Mikhail Yevrayev as acting governor of Yaroslavl oblast.


Cyprus: The North Cyprus government of Prime Minister Hamza Ersan Saner resigns.

Saint Helena: In parliamentary elections (turnout 60.2%), 12 nonpartisan members are elected. (The attorney general is an ex-officio but non-voting member.) On October 25 Julie Thomas is elected as chief minister.
São Tomé and Príncipe: Engrácio da Graça is appointed finance minister (taking office October 19).


Burkina Faso: Gen. Aimé Barthélemy Simporé is appointed defense minister.
South Korea: Former prime minister (2015) Lee Wan Koo dies.
Russia: Acting incumbent Sergey Melikov is elected by the local parliament as head of the republic of Dagestan. He receives 82 votes, against 2 for Samir Abdulkhalikov and 2 for Kamil Davdiyev. The government of Prime Minister Abdulpatakh Amirkhanov resigns. On October 27 Melikov renominates Amirkhanov as prime minister; he is endorsed (85-0) by the parliament and appointed by Melikov on October 28.
The Sudan: The chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Burhan, asks Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to dissolve his cabinet but he rejects that request.


Marshall Islands: Brenson Wase is sworn in as finance minister.
Mexico: Evelyn Salgado Pineda takes office as governor of Guerrero.


Afghanistan: Former acting prime minister (1995-96) Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai dies.
Cabo Verde: In presidential elections, José Maria Neves (African Party for the Independence of Cabo Verde) wins 51.7% of the vote and Carlos Veiga (Movement for Democracy) 42.4%. Turnout is 48.0%.


Canada: In mayoral elections in Edmonton, Amarjeet Sohi is elected with 45.1% of the vote, while Mike Nickel wins 25.3% and Kim Krushell 17.2%; turnout is 37.5%. In Calgary, Jyoti Gondek is elected with 45.1% of the vote, defeating Jeromy Farkas (29.9%) and Jeff Davison (13.0%). Gondek is sworn in on October 25, Sohi on October 26.
Ecuador: Luis Hernández takes office as defense minister.
United States: Former secretary of state (2001-05) Colin Powell dies.


Morocco: Former foreign minister (1983-85) Abdelouahed Belkeziz (also secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference 2001-04) dies.
Qatar: The emir, Sheikh Tamim ibn Hamad Al Thani, appoints Ali ibn Ahmad al-Kuwari as finance minister.


Barbados: The House of Assembly (27-0) and Senate (18-0) elect Dame Sandra Mason as president.
Brazil: The governor of Tocantins, Mauro Carlesse, is suspended for 180 days. Vice Governor Wanderlei Barbosa Castro becomes acting governor.
China: Li Lecheng is appointed acting governor of Liaoning.


New Zealand: Dame Cindy Kiro is sworn in as governor-general.
Trinidad and Tobago: An impeachment motion against President Paula-Mae Weekes is rejected by a vote of 47-24 in the Electoral College (comprising the 72 members of the House of Assembly and Senate).


Congo (Kinshasa): It is announced that the provinces of Bas-Uélé, Haut-Lomami, Kasaï Central, Kasaï Oriental, Kongo Central, Lomami, Mai-Ndombe, Maniema, Mongala, Tanganyika, and Tshopo will elect new governors on December 3, as will the province of Ituri after the lifting of the state of siege. On October 27 Interior Minister Daniel Aselo Okito postpones the elections to early January 2022.
Fiji: Parliament elects Ratu Wiliame Katonivere as president. He obtains 28 votes, against 23 for Ro Teimumu Kepa.


Tunisia: Former foreign minister (2004-05) Abdelbaki Hermassi dies.


Pakistan: The chief minister of Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan, resigns. On October 29 Abdul Quddus Bizenjo is elected chief minister, winning 39 votes in the 65-member assembly, and sworn in the same day.
Uzbekistan: In presidential elections, incumbent Shavkat Mirziyayev (Liberal Democratic Party) wins 80.1% of the vote, Maksuda Vorisova (People's Democratic Party) 6.6%, and Alisher Kadyrov (National Revival Party) 5.5%. Turnout is 80.4%.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in Nunavut, 22 nonpartisan members are elected (including 5 already elected by acclamation on September 24).

Germany: Armin Laschet resigns as minister-president of Nordrhein-Westfalen. On October 26 Joachim Stamp becomes acting minister-president, until the Landtag on October 27 elects Hendrik Wüst as minister-president (103-90).
Sovereign Military Order of Malta: The mandate of the acting grand master, Marco Luzzago, is extended indefinitely until the election of a new grand master.
The Sudan: Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok is arrested in an apparent military coup. The chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Burhan, announces the dissolution of Hamdok's government as well as of the Sovereignty Council itself.


Canada: In a cabinet reshuffle, Mélanie Joly becomes foreign minister and Anita Anand defence minister.
South Korea: Former president (1988-93) Roh Tae Woo dies.


China: Zhou Naixiang is elected governor of Shandong.


Congo (Kinshasa): The provincial assembly of Sankuru adopts (14-0) another no-confidence motion against Governor Joseph Stéphane Mukumadi, who refused to resign following an equivalent motion on Dec. 28, 2019.
United States: Former governor of Virginia (1970-74) A. Linwood Holton, Jr., dies.


Congo (Brazzaville): Former prime minister (2016-21) Clément Mouamba dies.
Norway: Former governor of Sør-Trøndelag (1986-93) Reidar Due dies.
Vanuatu: The Court of Appeal dismisses an appeal against the September 6 decision of the Supreme Court, thus confirming the legality of the government of Prime Minister Bob Loughman.


Taiwan: Former foreign minister (2008-09) Francisco Ou dies.


Japan: In parliamentary elections, the Liberal-Democratic Party wins 261 of 465 seats, the Constitutional Democratic Party 96, Nippon Ishin no Kai 41, and Komeito 32; turnout is 55.9%. In gubernatorial elections in Miyagi, incumbent Yoshihiro Murai wins 64.7% of the vote and Junichi Cho 35.3%; turnout is 56.3%.
New Zealand: Former governor-general (1990-96) Dame Catherine Tizard dies.
North Macedonia: Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announces his resignation.
United States: Former governor of South Dakota (1969-71) Frank Farrar dies.