June 2008


Macedonia: In parliamentary elections, the coalition "For a Better Macedonia," led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's VMRO-DPMNE, wins 48.3% of the vote, the "Sun - Coalition for Europe" 23.4%, the Democratic Union for Integration 11.1%, and the Democratic Party of Albanians 10.2%. Turnout is 58.7%. On June 23 Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is asked to form a new government.
Switzerland: Roland Debély becomes president of the Council of State of Neuchâtel, Heidi Hanselmann president of the government of Sankt Gallen, Bernhard Koch president of the government of Thurgau, and Isidor Baumann Landammann of Uri.


Switzerland: Barbara Egger-Jenzer is elected president of the government of Bern.


Australia: Former chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory (1989-91) Trevor Kaine dies.
United States: In mayoral elections in Sacramento, Kevin Johnson (Dem.) wins 46.6% of the vote and incumbent Heather Fargo (Dem.) 39.7%. A runoff will be held in November. In San Diego, Jerry Sanders is reelected over Steve Francis, 54.3%-34.3%.


Saint Lucia: In a cabinet reshuffle, Guy Mayers is named minister of home affairs and national security.
United States: The Senate confirms (by unanimous voice vote) Steven Preston as secretary of housing and urban development. He is sworn in on June 5.


Swaziland: Former prime minister (1993-96) Prince Jameson Mbilini Dlamini dies.

United Kingdom: The Northern Ireland Assembly elects Peter Robinson to succeed retiring Ian Paisley as first minister.
United States: Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne resigns, effective June 21. On June 9 President George W. Bush announces he will nominate Michael Donley to the post and designates him as acting secretary.


Egypt: Former prime minister (1978-80) and foreign minister (1979-80) Mustafa Khalil dies.

Niue: In parliamentary elections, 20 independent members are elected (including 9 who were already declared elected without opposition on nomination day, May 22). On June 18 Toke Talagi is elected premier, defeating incumbent Young Vivian by 14 votes to 5.
Papua New Guinea: The president of Bougainville, Joseph Kabui, dies. Vice President John Tabinaman becomes acting president.


Austria: In state elections in Tirol, the Austrian People's Party wins 40.4% of the vote (16 of 36 seats), the Citizens' Forum Tirol 18.3% (7), the Social Democratic Party of Austria 15.6% (5), the Freedom Party of Austria 12.7% (4), and the Greens 10.4% (4). Turnout is 62.1%.
Pakistan: Shahbaz Sharif is sworn in as chief minister of Punjab.


South Korea: Prime Minister Han Seung Soo and his cabinet offer their resignations.


French Polynesia: Adolphe Colrat is appointed high commissioner.
Ghana: Kwame Addo-Kufuor is sworn in as interior minister.

India: Narinder Nath Vohra is appointed as governor of Jammu and Kashmir. He is sworn in on June 25.
Japan: The House of Councillors passes (131-105) a non-binding censure motion against Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, but on June 12 Fukuda wins a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives (336-10, most of the opposition not taking part).
São Tomé and Príncipe: The candidacy of Joaquim Rafael Branco for the post of prime minister is submitted to the president. Branco takes office on June 22 with a government including Carlos Alberto Pires Tiny as foreign minister, Elsa Teixeira Pinto as defense minister, Ângela Viegas Santiago as finance minister, and Raul Cravid as interior minister.
Vietnam: Former prime minister (1991-97) Vo Van Kiet dies.


Haiti: The Chamber of Deputies rejects (57-22 with 6 abstentions) the candidacy of Robert Manuel for the post of prime minister. On June 23 President René Préval names Michèle Pierre-Louis as his new candidate.


Indonesia: Ahmad Heryawan is sworn in as governor of Jawa Barat.
Paraguay: President-elect Fernando Lugo announces most of his cabinet members, including Milda Rivarola as foreign minister, Luis Bareiro Spaini as defense minister, and Rafael Filizzola as interior minister.


Indonesia: The first direct election for governor of Nusa Tenggara Timur is won by Deputy Governor Frans Lebu Raya with 37.4% of the vote, followed by Ibrahim Agustinus Medah with 34.4% and Gaspar Parang Ehok with 28.3%.
Mexico: Former foreign minister (1970-75) Emilio Óscar Rabasa dies.
Taiwan: Former foreign minister (1979-87) Chu Fu-sung dies.


Comoros: In presidential elections on Anjouan, Moussa Toybou wins 42.5% of the vote and Mohamed Djaanfari 42.3%; turnout is 42.8%. A runoff is held on June 29 and won by Toybou with 52.4% against 47.6% for Djaanfari; turnout is 49%.

Kosovo: Skënder Hyseni officially becomes foreign minister.
Venezuela: Alí Rodríguez Araque is designated to replace Rafael Isea as finance minister. He takes office June 17.


Indonesia: Syamsul Arifin is sworn in as governor of Sumatera Utara.


Guinea: The new cabinet of Prime Minister Ahmed Tidiane Souaré is announced with Amadou Lamarana Bah as foreign minister, Almamy Kabèlè Camara as defense minister, and Ousmane Doré remaining finance minister.
Indonesia: Mahyuddin takes office as acting governor of Sumatera Selatan after Governor Syahrial Oesman's resignation to contest the first direct election for governor.


Colombia: Fabio Valencia Cossio is named interior minister.
Congo (Brazzaville): Former acting head of state (1979) Jean-Pierre Thystère Tchicaya dies.

Kosovo: Lamberto Zannier replaces Joachim Rücker as head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.


Indonesia: The first direct election for governor of Jawa Tengah is won by Bibit Waluyo with 43.4% of the vote, followed by Bambang Sadono (22.8%), Sukawi Sutarip (15.6%), Muhammad Tamzil (11.4%), and Agus Soeyitno (6.8%).


Algeria: Ahmed Ouyahia is appointed prime minister.
Guyana: Former president (1970-80) Arthur Chung dies.


Canada: In a cabinet reshuffle, David Emerson is confirmed as foreign minister on a permanent basis.
Indonesia: Yurnalis Ngayoh's term as governor of Kalimantan Timur expires and the provincial administration secretary, Syaiful Teteng, becomes acting governor.
Liechtenstein: Former head of government (1962-70) Gerard Batliner dies.


India: Shiv Charan Mathur is appointed as governor of Assam, Balmiki Prasad Singh as governor of Sikkim, Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary as governor of Meghalaya, R.S. Gavai as governor of Kerala, and Raghunandan Lal Bhatia as governor of Bihar.
Nepal: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala resigns.


Cape Verde: José Brito is named foreign minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
Guatemala: Interior Minister Vinicio Gómez is killed in a helicopter crash.
Serbia: Mirko Cvetkovic is asked to form a new government.
Thailand: The House of Representatives votes confidence in Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej (280-162), Finance Minister Surapong Suebwonglee (279-161), Interior Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung (279-162), Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama (278-162), and four other ministers targeted by opposition censure motions.
Zimbabwe: In the presidential runoff, incumbent Robert Mugabe wins about 90% of the vote and Morgan Tsvangirai, who pulled out of the race before the election but remained on the ballot, about 10%. Turnout is 42.4%.


Mongolia: In parliamentary elections, the ruling Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party wins 47 of 76 seats and the Democratic Party 26.


Nicaragua: Former member of the National Government Junta (1973-74) Edmundo Paguaga Irías dies.